Our vision for children's ministry comes from Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

Here we receive the command to pass on the words of God to our children. Our job as a church is to assist and support each other in the training up of our children in the ways of God. We do this in four ways:

  • We are an intergenerational community with a village mentality. It takes a village to raise children, and the church provides a thick community for children to interact with faithful Christians of all ages.

  • We are a liturgical church. Liturgy is similar to children's church in that it contains repetitive movements (kneeling for confession and coming forward to Communion) and prayers that are accessible to children. 

  • We baptize children and serve them Communion. Both of these are profound events that mark our children from a very early age. We remind our children that they are baptized, so they belong to God. In the weekly Communion meal, they receive "the Jesus bread" and "the Jesus juice," and they are reminded of how much Jesus has loved them.
  • We provide programs that seek to form children in the story of Scripture. Nursery is available for infants-toddlers. Godly Play is currently for ages 3-9. This occurs from the beginning of our service to the end of the sermon. We are currently developing an additional program for 2nd grade-5th grade.

What is Godly Play?

Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. The Godly Play approach helps them to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play. Based on Montessori principles and developed using a spiral curriculum, the Godly Play method serves children through early, middle and late childhood and beyond.