We are committed to growing together into the image of Jesus.

The Scriptures tell us this happens as we grow on two fronts: in knowledge of God and his world and in love for God and each other (Philippians 1:9). Small Groups and Triads are two ways we seek to grow in knowledge and love of God and love for each other. 

Small Groups

Jesus insisted that his disciples are his family. Our small groups are where relationships are forged that make us into a family. We share food, friendship, Scripture, and prayer. When you have a hard week, these are the people who will care for you. 


Triads are gender-specific groups who meet for spiritual formation. Focusing on prayer, friendship, accountability, and learning within community, each group commits to meet about once a week for three months or as long as it takes to complete a chosen topic of study. After that time, the group can decide whether to continue with another topic or to cease meeting. 

Why join a triad? 

Triads invite participants into a season of intimate attentiveness to Jesus, to others, and to our own personal faith. Jesus himself showed us the value of such small, intentional groups when he gathered three disciples outside of the twelve (Peter, James, and John) for focused discipleship. Moreover, Christians are to be life-long learners, so Triads are one way for us to grow together in the kind of knowledge necessary to growth in Christ (Philippians 1:9). 

What do Triads study?

What area of the Christian faith would you like to grow in—prayer, Scripture reading, how your faith connects with your work? The only requirement is that the group is focused on growth in Christ, and as the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins has written, “Christ plays in ten thousand places.” This means that the opportunities are wide open.

If you’re interested in starting or being a part of a Triad, contact Kevin at kevin@elktonchurchofthelamb.org.