We are committed to growing as holistic disciples of Jesus—people who love and follow him with their heart, soul, and mind, and love their neighbors as themselves. The aim of Small Groups is to help us grow in these ways. All our groups commit themselves to a set of regular practices. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

Small Group locations

Our groups are spread throughout East Rockingham. We hope you can find one close to you.

Bloomer Springs Group, Wednesdays 6:30–8:30pm

At the home of Scott & Zoe Hansen, 3707 Bloomer Springs Road, Elkton

Leader: Scott Hansen, Contact: Leah Napotnik, 540-246-1683 or napotnik@verizon.net

Elkton Group, Thursdays 7:00–8:30pm

At the home of John & Nancy Hay, 234 Kensington Street, Elkton

Leader: John Hay, Contact: Nancy Hay, 540-810-9482 or nancy@summit.org

Grottoes Group, TBD

At the home of John & Debbie Bennetch, 216 Leroy Road, Grottoes

Leader: John Bennetch, Contact: Debbie Bennetch, 540-908-6589 or dbennetch@gmail.com

Lakewood Group, Thursdays 6:30–8:30pm

At the home of Jed & Kristi Pascarella, 3041 Lakewood Drive, Rockingham 

Leader: Kevin Whitfield, Contact: Kristi Pascarella, 540-383-8836 or pascarka@gmail.com