Our History

Since 2009 a group of people has been meeting weekly in Elkton for small group Bible study and prayer while attending worship in Harrisonburg. This group met on November 6, 2014, to talk and discern whether God was leading them to become a church in Elkton. With lots of excitement and the blessing of The Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg, on November 13 they committed themselves to being planted as a new church, Church of the Lamb.

Since then, we renovated the first floor of the old Elkton Mill as our worship space. The basement has also been renovated to provide room for nursery and children's ministries.

Over the course of the next several years we hope Church of the Lamb will be firmly established as a church for the glory of God and the good of Elkton and East Rockingham County. To this end, we will share our lives with each other, cultivate our relationship with God, engage in joyful congregational worship, and seek the good of our community.