Our History

In 2009 a group of Elkton area residents began meeting weekly for small group Bible study and prayer. For several years they all attended worship together at The Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg, where they discovered a common love for strong teaching of the Scriptures combined with liturgical worship. After five years of meeting together, in November 2014, this group began talking and discerning whether God was leading them to become a church in Elkton. With lots of excitement and the blessing of Incarnation, they soon committed themselves to being planted as a new congregation, Church of the Lamb.

Our first worship location was the current Blue Elk Coffee Shop and Roastery, located at 315 West Spotswood in Elkton. In 2016, we renovated the first floor and basement of the old Elkton Mill and this became our home for the next three years. These years were rich in our formation as a church body. We grew in familial intimacy while also adding people to our family.

In 2018, having grown from a small group of about 20 people to a church of close to 75, we began to discern that Lamb was taking on a more regional presence. The people who gathered for worship from week to week lived scattered throughout East Rockingham, from Penn Laird and McGayesville to Grottoes and Elkton. This led us to reconsider our long-term vision and the need for a larger location. After a season of prayer and conversation, we determined that the long-term vision of Church of the Lamb is to be a church that serves this larger region of East Rockingham.

For the short-term, this has led to us relocate our worship to Redeemer Classical School in Keezletown. Redeemer provides us with space to continue to grow, with wonderful rooms for our ministry to children, and a terrific playground! We are grateful to be partnering with them during this season of our life as a church. Still, we look forward to a time when we will be further rooted in the community through a long-term space for worship and service of King Jesus.

Over the course of the next several years we hope Church of the Lamb will continually be established as a church for the glory of God and the good of East Rockingham. To this end, we will share our lives with each other, cultivate our relationship with God, engage in joyful, reverent congregational worship, and seek the good of this area.