Worship, simply put, is the most important thing we do. 

In our service, we sing both traditional and contemporary hymns. We pray for our community, our church, and the world. We read portions of Scripture and hear a sermon that relates God’s Word to our lives. And each week our service culminates in the Eucharist, a celebratory feast open to all baptized Christians to celebrate God's work in our lives and our world through Jesus.

You will receive a worship guide that will orient you to all we do in our service. Our service begins at 10 and each week after worship, we invite everyone to join us for coffee and bagels. 


What do you have for children?

We have a nursery available for infants to toddlers. We also have Godly Play most Sundays for ages 3-9. 

How do people dress for worship at Church of the Lamb?

People come to Lamb in a wide array of attire. You will see people in anything from jeans and flip flops to slacks and dresses.

Who can receive Communion at Church of the Lamb?

All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome to receive Communion at Lamb.